05th of April 2023, in cooperation with the Animal Breeders´ Association of Estonia (ETKÜ) and Estonian Beef Cattle Breeders´ Association (EBBA) another beef cattle championship was held in order to evaluate the performance test bulls and to find out the best bulls of each breed. The judge this year was Miranda Lysell from Sweden. 

Photo: Liis Ira

This time, the winners were divided as follows:

Bulls of the Blonde D´Aquitaine group: 

I koht TK PRESTON P (EE23222229), owner/ breeder Topi Tõukari OÜ
II koht BRUNO (EE24991162), owner/ breeder Matka Farm OÜ
III koht TK PREMIUM P (EE23222212), owner/ breeder Topi Tõukari OÜ

Bulls of the Charolais group: 

I koht GRAT OLV (EE24398336), owner/ breeder Ohtla Lihaveis OÜ
II koht VALDENI CAMBRIDGE (EE23961968), owner/ breeder Valdeni Talu OÜ
III koht VALDENI CAMARO (EE23961876), owner/ breeder Valdeni Talu OÜ

Bulls of the Hereford group: 

I koht FORREST (EE23672451), owner/ breeder Sandla Karjamõis OÜ
II koht FRANCO (EE24462624), owner/ breeder MTÜ Rannaniidud ja Metsad
III koht KIISA BAYRAKTAR (EE23997325), owner/ breeder Kiisa Agro OÜ

Bulls of the Limousin group: 

I koht TM NORTON P (EE25711677), owner/ breeder OÜ Topi Mõis
II koht RUBEN P (EE23974012), owner/ breeder MTÜ Struugade Hooldus
III koht TM MANNHEIM P (EE23240643), owner/ breeder OÜ Topi Mõis

Bulls of the Aberdeen- Angus group: 

I koht KULDRANNA ASHER (EE25217285), owner/ breeder Kuldranna Lihaveis OÜ
II koht MÜTA ULVAR (EE25522280), owner/ breeder Müta farm OÜ
III koht KULDRANNA SAWYER (EE25217469), owner/ breeder Kuldranna Lihaveis OÜ

The overall winner of all breeds was Blonde D´Aquitaine bull TK PRESTON P (EE23222229), owner/ breeder Topi Tõukari OÜ, and the reserve winner was Simmental Bull PARIISI PEDRO (EE24631266), owner/breeder Pariismar OÜ.

Congratulation to all the winners!

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All the bulls that participated in the competition can be purchased at the online auction on April 27 https://pullioksjon.etky.ee/?lang=en, and before that it is possible to get acquainted with their information in the online catalog, which is published on the homepages and websites of ETKÜ and ELKS. Keep an eye on these pages to stay informed!

We thank the organizers, participants and helpers! Thank you Liivimaa Lihaveis/ Linnamäe Lihatööstus for a delicious meal and another cooperation!

And a big bow and thanks to our sponsors, which this year were Baltic Agro AS, TeknEst OÜ, Animal Breeders´ Association of Estonia, Livimaa Lihaveis, Estonian Beef Cattle Breeders´ Association, Teadus ja Tegu OÜ and judge Miranda Lysell!




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