📢 The performance test and the championship of season 2022- 2023, already 18th  in line, of Estonian beef cattle young bulls has ended and a lot of new young and fierce bulls are looking for a new home!

The performance test of beef bulls is carried out in cooperation with Animal Breeders´ Association of Estonia (ETKÜ) and Estonian Beef Cattle Breeders´ Association in order to promote and to acknowledge Estonian beef cattle breeding.


In order to introduce the young bulls to the general public before making choices and decisions, and to present the prevailing level in Estonian breeding herds, a new online catalog has been prepared, in which you can find all the information about the online auction as well as about the bulls themselves, with pedigrees, pictures 📷  and videos  🎥, which will open when you click on the YOUTUBE sign.

In addition to the exemplary and valued exterior, all bulls are-

👉 with verified pedigree!
👉 veterinary checked, and declared healthy for at least 9 investigated diseases! 🩺
👉 checked feet and hooves!
👉 with controlled sperm quality! 🔬
👉 social and received halter training!
👉 linearly rated!
👉 genome tested! 🧬
👉 assessed for feed value using the Vytelle system! 🍀
👉 06.04.24 evaluated ribeye area and marbling indicators!
👉 Judged by the Finnish judge Maiju Pesonen at the competition held on 05.04.24 in Keava, where the best of all breeds and the overall winner or Champion of all Breeds and reserve winner were chosen! 🏆🥇🥈🥉
📖  Check out the catalog, which is both in 🇪🇪 Estonian and 🇬🇧  English here  👇
👩‍⚖️💰The online auction will take place on the 26.04.24, from 10.00 a.m to 3.00 pm, when the first bids begin to close at 5- minute intervals. You can also register for the auction at https://loomaturg.ee.

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