The performance test of beef cattle young bulls, which started in the fall of 2023 in cooperation with the Animal Breeders Association of Estonia and the Estonian Beef Breeders Association, is coming to an end. On 26.04.2023 an online auction will take place, where you can purchase the best breeding bull for your herd.

But also, in order to choose the best purebred bull as part of the performance test, a traditional beef cattle show will be held on 05.04 at 13.00 on the territory of the insemination station of the Animal Breeders Association of Estonia in Keava. On this occasion, the evaluation will be conducted by the Finnish judge Maiju Pesonen. After the show, an online catalog will also be prepared, which will be published no later than 12.04 on both EBBA and ABAEs website and FB.

Bulls of the most common breeds in Estonia – Aberdeen- Angus, Limousin, Hereford, Simmental, Charolais, Blonde d`Aquitaine – are presented in the show ring. The results of all bull pedigrees and performance tests can be viewed in advance in the ABAE website menu BEEF  – PERFORMANCE TESTING- 2023-2024

Beef cattle breeders, with the goal of acquiring a new purebred bull, are invited to take part in the championship of beef bulls in order to select a new purebred bull that is just right for their herd, so that it will be easier to make a choice at the auction.

Orientation schedule at the young bull show:

13.00-15.30 Aberdeen- Angus

15.30-15.50 Herefords

15.50-16.10 Blonde d`Aquitaine

16.10- 16.40 Limousine

16.40- 17.30 Charolais

17.30-17.45 Simmental



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